Resources in Grand Junction, CO


These places are encouraging & useful.  It's time to take initiative:

you can connect with other young parents, find amazing mentors, and get support for your baby!

Note: There are also nationwide programs that you might be eligible for. Read about them here >>


1. Young Parents Program

at R-5 High School

read about it here>>


What they're about:

It's for pregnant or parenting students looking to get a high school diploma under 21 years of age. According to their website, "The mission of the YPP is to provide a caring, learning environment which promotes self-growth, independent thinking and the desire to continue learning throughout life."

What they offer:

- Day care while you're a full-time student 7:45am to 1:30pm.

- Family & Independent Living Skills classes

- Option of Work Keys Diploma (read about it on their website)

455 N. 22nd St., Ste. B
Grand Junction CO 81501

How to get in touch:


Call 970-254-6887



2. B4 Babies & Beyond

at Hilltop

Read about it here >>


What they're about:

They're focused on the health aspect of having a baby, especially healthcare and insurance (which is super important and can save you lots of $$$!).  They are a part of the Hilltop services, an amazing, encouraging program with help for almost anything health-related. Related programs are Baby and Me Tobacco free program, the Family First program, assistance with doctors' appointments, and more.

What they offer:

- help you get enrolled in Medicaid and CHP+, two affordable healthcare programs.

- according to their website, "You could have a medical card the same day." (that's crazy!!!)

- their counselors can connect you to young parent programs, giving you the support you need while encouraging your independence.

How to get in touch:

Call 970-255-8687. You've got this!



3. KickStart Internships

by Mesa County Workforce Center

read about it here >>

What they're about:

They're all about helping you get the jobs you want by giving you skills, working with local businesses.

What you get:

- a paid, local internship

- create and edit your resume

- learn how to make an excellent job application

- one-on-one mentorship

How to get in touch:

Apply here!  But, be sure to read about the requirements before submitting your app. (note: they do accept teen parents.)

Take to your form to their office, OR email it to &