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Budgeting 101: coming soon

Budgeting 101: coming soon


1. A general overview

To get started, let's think of your finances in two categories:

money in and money out. 

A budget basically adds everything you're making and subtracts everything you're spending. The idea is to get

($ in) - ($ out) = more than 0.


Got it? Ok! so Next let's dive into the money you're spending, and how that'll change with your new tiny person.


2. Let's tackle your expenses

here's a list of the top six costs of having a baby.

(on average -- this can be different depending on your situation).

And a few programs where you might be able to get free stuff!

larger expenses like food, diapers, & more.

Find your WiC Local Agency

Agencies in CO, MA, and NY 

3. Do you have an income?


Okay, cool. Government programs could be really useful for you, and family members often want to help support you.  If you don't feel comfortable living at home, another source of support is

the best teen parent housing programs


If you want to start working,

stay posted for lots more info, but here are a few part-time and flexible job ideas that might work well to get you the income you need:



Yep, I have an income!

Great -- coming soon! We'll work on how to budget what you have, putting your money in bank accounts, building credit, and more.

Questions? Comments? Want us to include something? We can't give advice, but we're here to provide information so that you can make empowered choices.

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