Resources in Boston, MA


These places are encouraging & useful.  It's time to take initiative:

you can connect with other young parents, find amazing mentors, and get support for your baby!

Note: There are also nationwide programs that you might be eligible for. Read about them here >>


1. Young Parents Program

at Boston Children's Hospital

read about it here>>

What they're about:

A supportive group of physicians, social workers, nurses and nurse practitioners who get where you're coming from.  They seek to provide health education and resources for you & baby, and encourage "positive parenting:" focusing on skill-building, attitudes and decision-making. (Note: It's been around for a while, so they have some pretty awesome alumni!)

What they offer:

- Medical care, including health screening, immunizations, counseling, and health education.

- Mentorship and support in tough decisions

- Help in finding housing

- Support you as you finish high school

How to get in touch:

Call 617-355-7701!



2. Jeremiah Program

Dudley Square, Boston

Read about it here >>


What they're about:

They're focused on single, young moms (sorry, dads) who are motivated to pursue a career-track, college education (aka, you've already finished HS/GED/etc.).  It's a program for your next steps after high school.  To propel you towards your goals, they're all about empowerment and creating an enriching community for you & your child.

What they offer:

- Safe and affordable housing! (If you need it.)

- One-on-one coaching/mentorship

- Schooling for your young child, encouraging you to become a part of her or his education!

- You'll be a student at Endicott College in Boston

How to get in touch:

Online app: here. You can also call (617) 245-6651 to get more information. You've got this!



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