feel-good exercises while you're pregnant


Exercises can make for a quicker & less painful Delivery, and can improve mood! Here are some of our favorites.



Gentle on your joints and muscles, relieves swollen ankles, and you’ll feel light in the water! Can also help with lower back pain. You can even join a water aerobics class!


Yoga & Pilates

Yoga helps to strengthen your core muscles, ease back pain, and may even make labor shorter and less painful! There are even lots of prenatal yoga classes, which are gentle and focus on relaxation. Check out some must-know yoga poses for your pregnancy!


Walking or light jogging

Running releases these things called endorphins in the brain, which make you feel much better (it's like your body's own "drugs"). tl;dr - it'll make you feel good.

If the weather is nice it lets you get outside! In the cold winter, you can still get some fresh air—bundle up. Moms told us they like wearing a pair of practical boots w lots of traction.



Jam out to Beyonce in your living room, and check out local pregnancy classes! Quick note: stay away from strenuous leaps, jumps, turns.


Casual stretching.

Try plies, light weights, and focus on the abs.



Extra note: you can set your target weight gain (usually +25-35 pounds) during pregnancy. Check with your doctor -- too much weight gain can mean a longer and more painful delivery, too little can hurt the baby’s growth.